The Hotel and Resort Development Process.

Following are some of the details The Ascona Group handles during the development

phase of a hotel project. We also provide "turn-key" projects.

Project Planning
Coordination of Design
Kitchen and Laundry Operations
Project planning - a high level overview discussion about the scope, time table, priorities, the project schedule, and the budget process. Coordinate with an architect and interior designer, the design of the hotel, floor by floor. Review the room matrix, meeting facilities, amenities, food and beverage, back-of-the-house, and landscaping. Source and recommend kitchen and laundry consultants, as required. Liaise with the architect and the laundry and kitchen consultants, to ensure complete integration of design.

Schedules & Budgets

Review the project schedule and budget. Is the timeline realistic? Does the budget include all development costs, including contingencies?

Pre-construction services and GC selection (traditional General Contractors and Modular Builders). To us, every hotel project is unique in terms of design and location. Chosing the right contractor is important, and we do not just focus on the bidding aspect of this selection process.
Siteplan & Design Review

Liaise with the architects on pre-application and site plan approvals, while simultaneously working on the design review process.

Bidding the Trades
Development Schedule
Governmental and regulatory requirements: municipality or tribal council. We collaborate with legal counsel to acquire all necessary licenses and permits. Obtain competitive bids from architects, civil and structural engineers, (sub)contractors, and other professionals. Manage the overall development schedule and diligently follow up with all parties concerned.